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Getting into yoga

Some might say that yoga is only for the young and flexible. On the contrary, it is very much adaptable in every age group. Yoga portrays an image of younger people doing various pretzel-like positions. But for a much older practitioner can be otherwise, but regardless, they can still get the benefits of it.

It is necessary to integrate regular exercise into our everyday activities as we age in keeping a healthy way of life. A physical activity plan will help the elderly feel energized and handle the joint pain that brings people with the aging process. This tends to lead to a much more enjoyable life in which you are completely safe and improve your quality of life.

Relaxation Yoga in Detroit

Before getting started, there are some things to keep in mind.

  • Checking in with your doctor. Let your doctor any pre-existing conditions that can affect your physical condition.
  • Flexibility limitations. Not everyone can be flexible when reached a certain age.
  • Mobility devices. As yoga is with constant changes in poses, you should know what kind of assistance will you be needing.
  • Artificial limbs. Safety is also a priority, we don’t want to have any accidents occurring while doing yoga. There is some yoga for specific needs.
  • History of heart failure. This is a red flag for those who have cardiovascular problems. Any exert in physical effort, might have some consequences.

Yoga that is right for you

Yoga is an excellent relaxation therapy for the mind and soul as well as the body. Yes, yoga can be done in the comforts of your home via videos or books. However, physically attending classes is much better so you can be guided accordingly and avoid physical injuries.

Adaptive Yoga

This is very ideal for seniors with a very limited range of motion. Here are type types of yoga recommend for older adults.

  1. Chair Yoga. A very popular choice for seniors who have a limited range of motion. Sitting on a chair does help provide structural support for the back for a more therapeutic approach. Of course, chair yoga doesn’t limit seniors, it is also beneficial for office workers as they are sitting all day at work, the obese, and those who have neurological impairments. The great thing about it is not having the need for an expensive or customized chair, just a normal one would do. Lastly, a chair with wheels is a big no!
  2. Water Yoga. Your body’s weight will gradually change because of the water. It is worth noting that you will have to put on swimwear, but the feeling of self-consciousness will slowly dissipate as the water will act as an invisible barrier. You’ll never have to think about what you’re wearing.

Seniors who have arthritis can really benefit from the two types of yoga, because of the improvements in the range of motion. In most cases, people would often look into a yoga instructor who specializes in these situations. Luckily, we have someone here in Detroit yoga for relaxation who will guide you as you perform the session. They will make sure to attend to your concerns with the utmost care.

The benefits of yoga for senior citizens

Yoga fosters the growth of the connection of the mind and body, integrating stretches and poses for strengthening, with deep breathing and relaxation practices. Such poses are easily modified to complement every individual’s need, it very safe for seniors regardless of their fitness levels. It is an excellent way to maintain the body’s strength, to keep you healthy without the hassles of weight-bearing exercises that can harm your joints.

  1. Better equilibrium. Yoga strengthens your core muscles improving stability to prevent the risk of fall injuries.
  2. Improved flexibility. This will absolutely improve the senior’s range of motion as breathing and maintaining poses will loosen up muscles and connective tissues in the body.
  3. Better breathing. greatly expands one’s lung capacity.
  4. Stronger bones. Continuous yoga routine of weight-bearing poses can help in strengthening bones and prevent osteoporosis.
  5. Relaxation therapy. Can help in relieving stress and anxiety with various breathing techniques and meditation, helping the mind attain clarity. In addition, yoga also helps seniors who are struggling with insomnia sleep better.


Yoga is becoming popular among people who are seeking alternative ways of fitness. It doesn’t have to limit any age. As more and more people seek enlightenment for the mind and the body, why not include it in every age bracket. For the best results, call Relaxation Yoga in Detroit.