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Detroit Elder Care Provides a wide variety of senior maintenance continuum on campus designed to provide your care as you want it so that you pay for the services that you use, our tailored services include the following:
A practiced care plan managed by a registered nurse and provided by certified nursing assistants (CNAs).
Our assisted living Detroit program is intended to keep occupants in the community and to give support and services that can be provided on a scheduled basis. We provide up to 10 hours of assisted maintenance over the course of a week at the resident's apartment.

Nursing Homes In Detroit

Get the Our social worker is there to provide advice and support to residents coping with changing health care requirements. She provides education and support to groups of residents living with low vision, hearing loss, and memory concerns and oversees transitions to and out of hospitals and other care settings. Connections PT, a licensed outpatient therapy supplier, provides physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech-language therapy as directed by your physician.

Assisted Care

Get the Our assisted care program caters to individuals who require a few hours of help. The program syncs with caregivers for those who want round-the-clock assistance for advanced needs.

Memory Maintenance

Get the In two amazing small homes on campus, we now supply for people with Alzheimer's or other dementias who need the assistance.

Rehabilitation and Recovery

Get the Experts in a selection of therapies give technology and the most recent treatments to personalized attention.


Get the Feel much better, faster.
After the accident, an illness, or hospital stay, you would like to regain your health as fast as you can. We are going to help you meet your target with rehabilitation care onsite at our assisted living Detroit Mi. You can expect to obtain expert, compassionate services to recuperate, gain strength, and contact your best self. Our social worker is going to assist you in picking a quality short-term stay rehabilitation center. In the event you need rehab. During your rehab, transport will be offered by us to the partner and friends who wish to visit you. One of Detroit Elder Care's real assets is that you are not paying big monthly fees for maintenance you may or may not use. You pay as you require it.

Get the At all times, you keep your freedom of decision -- an a la carte menu of care structured in a way that you only pay for the care you use. Doctors, nurses, and therapists are there when you need them, delivering the person-centered care you require. We work hard to maintain you in your home with high-quality maintenance that comes to you, maintaining the independence you treasure.

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Our memory care areas offer care staffing and specific lifestyle enrichment activities that meet your loved ones

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