Don’t Wait for a Caregiving “Tipping Point” Before Getting the Help You Need

What’s holding you back from hiring an agency like Visiting Angels-Detroit to help with your caregiving duties?

Maybe it’s because you have not yet reached your tipping point, according to a recent article in Forbes magazine.

The article is titled “The Tipping Points that Turn Us Into Caregivers.” In it, the writer describes six challenges or events that can turn the go-it-alone caregiver into someone who finally admits they need help. Do any of these tipping points sound familiar to you?

  1. Physical challenges – When lifting or moving  your loved one becomes a burden.
  2. Incontinence – Dealing with a senior who has problems controlling their bladder or bowels is uncomfortable and stressful.
  3. Safety challenges – While falls can lead to death, debilitating injuries are more common among seniors. When that happens, the amount of care they require usually increases.
  4. Wandering – More than half of dementia patients have a tendency to wander, which can be a safety concern for the care recipient’s family.
  5. Behavior challenges – Some elderly patients can become hostile or combative, or difficult to deal with in other ways, which can lead to emotional stress for everyone.
  6. Failure to communicate – For a number of reasons, care recipients can lose the ability to make themselves understood by their caregivers. When communication breaks down between the two, life for everyone becomes more difficult.

According to the article: “Many caregivers see it as a personal failure to have to call for outside help, whether from family members or professionals. Recognizing the tipping points that make care more than a one-person operation — and understanding that you’re not the first to face these situations — are the keys to moving to the next stop in a caregiving journey, without undue stress or frustration.”

Have you reached your tipping point? Visiting Angels-Detroit can help. And if you have not reached it yet, why wait? Get the help you need, now.